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Wretched TV

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Wretched TV is hosted by Todd Friel. On the show you will see and hear live witnessing encounters and discussions of tough theological issues and various topics in the Christian community. Select episodes from the more than 2,000 episodes of Wretched TV.

Why is “Wretched” so fitting for us?
• Some would argue that the program itself is downright wretched.
• The host is fully aware of his wretchedness.
• Wretched is at the very core of the Gospel: that God would save wretches like us.
Some days are more wretched than others, but our desire is to proclaim Amazing Grace as often as possible.

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Wretched TV
  • Are You Already Backsliding? - Wretched TV

    Episode 1

    In today's episode, Todd uses John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" to teach Christians the signs to know if they're on the path to backsliding, or already on it. He discusses issues like not going to church, seeking fellowship with nonbelievers rather than Christians, and determining that other Chr...

  • We are Like Drunken Men Riding a Horse - Wretched TV

    Episode 2

    Todd reads from an article that gives advice on being content. Todd points out how they are really commands. If we become Pharisees to our kids by heaping laws onto them, we will not have joy-filled homes. Christianity is more than just doing the right things and not doing the wrong things. It is...

  • Can Your Kids Do Better Than This? - Wretched TV

    Episode 3

    Todd meets Chad, a professing Christian and student of computer science. What is our purpose in this life? Why should I become a Christian? Witnessing doesn't have to be scary. Just start the conversation and the rest will take care of itself. Evangelize and spread the good news of Jesus Christ!

  • Why You Should Be Excited To Go To Church - Wretched TV

    Episode 4

    Why we should be excited about going to church? Todd uses a presentation from Daniel Ray as an example to teach how amazing the local church can really be. We take a look at Ephesians 1:1-11, which helps bring this fact to light. In it, we read that God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for her, t...

  • Does Holy Water Really Work? - Wretched TV

    Episode 5

    Does burning incense and using holy water get rid of
    demonic spirits? Should we pay taxes when the President is going to use it for transgenderism. Can a ridedriver pick up and be alone with those of the opposite sex? Todd answers these questions and more on this Mailbag episode.

  • Having A Heart For A Bully - Wretched TV

    Episode 6

    It seems that everyone at one time or another has experienced a bully, and unfortunately our children may fall victim to that. In today's episode, Todd explains how we shouldn't just iron over the quick fixes to bullies in our children's lives and to just slow our parenting roll. So we dig a litt...

  • You're Not Addicted To Porn - Wretched TV

    Episode 7

    You have to use the Bible to diagnose your troubles, instead of secular definitions. Jared Moore gives 10 myths about lust, such as "you lust because you willfully choose sin over holiness." You can only overcome lust with the Spirit. Porn, and sin in general, increases what Christ had to endure ...

  • Talking Law With A Lawyer - Wretched TV

    Episode 8

    Todd talks justice with Creston, a criminal justice student. Todd discussed jails and the law, and talks about the penal vs restoration system for jails. Todd argues that God uses the penal system. Todd asks Creston about justice without God. Without God, there is no absolute source of authority.

  • Sowing And Reaping Is Not Carnal - Wretched TV

    Episode 9

    Christianity does not teach karma. Instead, we see God's sovereign hand over everything. What we do can impact the world, but only in so far as God's sovereignty allows and ordains. Galatians 6 talks about sowing and reaping to the flesh. When we sow to the flesh, we are feeding that yet-glorifie...

  • How To Love Liberals - Wretched TV

    Episode 10

    In this Mailbag episode, Todd answers your questions, like how we should love those we disagree with, why we still die when Jesus' death covered our sins, and if it's okay to be deceitful for the sake of distributing Bibles where it is prohibited. Do you have questions, comments, conundrums, or s...