Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

Hi! My name is Andreas and I am a servant of the LORD from Switzerland 🇨🇭! Thanks for visiting!

Digging Deeper is a discernment ministry offering Christians a better understanding of Biblical truth. Even when engaging with polarizing topics I try to follow Col. 4:6, "Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person."

I am a reformed Baptist and I hold two master degrees in theological studies.


Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget
  • Word of Faith and Longevity Refuted - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    Word of Faith founder Kenneth Hagin believed he will live up to 120 years of age. His successor Kenneth Copeland believes the same way. This assumption is based on a misunderstanding of Genesis 6:3, where the Lord says, "My Spirit will not remain with man forever, because he is also flesh; nevert...

  • The Great Pentecostal Disappointment - Digging Deeper

    The early Pentecostals all believed that the gift of tongues consisted of authentic human languages. Both Charles Fox Parham (Topeka Outpouring) and William J. Seymour (Azusa Street Revival) believed that. How is it then that most of today's Pentecostals and Charismatics identify the gift of tong...

  • Blessing of Abraham - Digging Deeper

    What is the blessing of Abraham mentioned in Galatians 3:14? Many prosperity preachers such as Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin believe this blessing promises wealth to the Christian. But what is the actual content of this blessing? Find out more in this video.

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  • Writing In Tongues Examined - Digging Deeper

    Early Pentecostals not only claimed to speak in tongues but also to write in tongues. What occultists call "automatic writing" and psychologists call "psychography" was once considered normal among Pentecostals. In this episode of Digging Deeper, I examine Agnes Ozman's tongue writings.


  • Kenneth Hagin Exposed (Part 2) - Digging Deeper: Andreas Wiget

    In this video, I demonstrate that Kenneth Hagin's visions are made-up. The Jesus that visited Kenneth Hagin was not the Jesus of the Bible.

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  • Montanism, Crisis of Revival? (Part 1) - Digging Deeper

    Many contemporary Pentecostal and Charismatic scholars believe that Montanism was the first charismatic revival. But is this really the case? Did the Montanists possess the genuine gift of prophecy? Or were they inspired by ancient near eastern paganism, such as the cult of Cybele? This episode ...

  • How A.I. Might Be Used For Religious Deception - Digging Deeper

    In this video, Andreas examines the dangers of artificial intelligence in religious circles, in particular the Charismatic Movement.

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  • Biblical Greek Refutes Modern Glossolalia - Digging Deeper

    Sam Storms and Wayne Grudem are respected scholars who promote modern glossolalia. Storm's book “The Language of Heaven” is considered to be one of the best apologetic defenses. In this video, however, I would like to demonstrate how Biblical Greek refutes modern glossolalia. Thereby, the researc...

  • Modern Glossolalia Questioned - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    In this video, I offer some thoughts on why modern tongue speaking is not Biblical. I am convinced that the Biblical gift was always the supernatural ability to speak in previously unlearned intelligible human languages. The gift of tongues has nothing to do with ecstatic speech or free vocalizat...

  • Overcoming Post Charismatic Stress - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    Post Charismatic Stress (PCS) is not an official diagnosis. However, this makes the experience in no way less real. Many who leave the Charismatic Movement suffer from severe mental difficulties. This includes depression, anxiety, anger, bitterness, guilt, disillusionment, cognitive dissonance, a...

  • Modern Glossolalia Refuted - Andreas Wiget & Doreen Virtue

    Is modern glossolalia biblical? In this video, I go through all the verses on tongues in the Book of Acts and 1 Corinthians. I demonstrate that the gift of tongues was always the supernatural ability to speak in previously unlearned intelligible human languages. It was never ecstatic speech or fr...

  • Copeland's "Little Gods" Doctrine Refuted - Digging Deeper: Andreas Wiget

    This is what Kenneth Copeland writes in his book "The Blessing of the Lord," "When God created man, He actually copied Himself. ... In my spirit, I saw God standing up, holding Adam’s body in front of Him. The first thing I noticed was they were the same size. Adam’s form was just like God’s exce...

  • A Refutation of Copeland's Creation Beliefs - Digging Deeper: Andreas Wiget

    This is what Kenneth Copeland writes in his book "The Blessing of the Lord," "When God said, “Light be!” He did more than ignite the “big bang” that would set the universe in motion. He released the very essence of Himself into this material creation because He wanted the family He was about to c...

  • Did Jesus Heal Everyone? A Critical Examination - Digging Deeper: Andreas Wiget

    Charismatics often assume that Jesus healed everyone who came to Him. And since Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, we should likewise expect God to heal everyone who comes to Him in faith. Both Kenneth Copeland and Bill Johnson teach this idea. But is it true that Jesus healed every...

  • Bill Johnson's False View of Repentance Examined - Digging Deeper: Andreas Wiget

    Bill Johnson defines repentance as following, "“Re” means to go back. “Pent” is like the penthouse, the top floor of a building. Repent, then, means to go back to God’s perspective on reality."

    In this video I examine Bill Johnson's false understanding of Biblical repentance. Bill Johnson is a l...

  • A Response to Defenders of Slain in the Spirit - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    Is "slain in the spirit" biblical? A quote by Costi Hinn (nephew of Benny Hinn) created heat on my Facebook page. This is a response to some of the arguments.

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  • Hagin Exposed (Part 1) - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    Exposing Kenneth Hagin's false visit to hell and false glory cloud.
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  • Response to Saunders - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    A response to Rod Saunders from Jew and Greek on Kenneth Hagin's post mortem repentance.

  • New Apostolic Reformation Connections - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    What are the global connections of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)?

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  • Steven Almighty - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget