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Word of Faith and Longevity Refuted - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

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Bill Johnson's False View of Repentance Examined - Digging Deeper: Andreas Wiget

Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget • 5m 7s

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  • Word of Faith and Longevity Refuted -...

    Word of Faith founder Kenneth Hagin believed he will live up to 120 years of age. His successor Kenneth Copeland believes the same way. This assumption is based on a misunderstanding of Genesis 6:3, where the Lord says, "My Spirit will not remain with man forever, because he is also flesh; nevert...

  • A Response to Defenders of Slain in t...

    Is "slain in the spirit" biblical? A quote by Costi Hinn (nephew of Benny Hinn) created heat on my Facebook page. This is a response to some of the arguments.

    Original video:

  • Hagin Exposed (Part 1) - Digging Deep...

    Exposing Kenneth Hagin's false visit to hell and false glory cloud.
    Original video:

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