Films From Broken Stone Studio

Films From Broken Stone Studio

Films From Broken Stone Studios by Les Lanphere.

Films From Broken Stone Studio
  • Cessationist (Trailer)


    Are the miraculous gifts for today?

    From speaking in tongues to attempting to raise the dead, Charismatic Christians believe they are participating in modern miracles. But are these miracles real? Are the Apostolic gifts that we see in the New Testament still in operation today? Cessationist ans...

  • Cessationist - Kickstarter Trailer


    Our friends at Broken Stone Studios are kickstarting a new film on the topic of cessationism. We're happy to promote this film (and encourage your support of it!) because this is a position that is often misunderstood or misrepresented. As AGTV followers you may be thinking, "Won't this film esse...

  • Spirit & Truth: A Film about Worship

    When we think about worshipping God, we ask all the wrong questions. What do I like? Or what would non-Christians like? Or what does my Church like? Spirit & Truth seeks to answer the central question that we're so often missing: How does God want to be worshipped?

  • Calvinist

    CALVINIST is the theology documentary of a lifetime. Featuring influential teachers R.C. Sproul, Paul Washer, Shai Linne, Kevin DeYoung, James White and many more.

    When a generation finds the theology and practice of the modern church wanting, they turn to the internet for answers. an investigat...