He Ascended - Phill Howell

He Ascended - Phill Howell

7 Episodes

“He Ascended” is a 7-episode teaching series on the ascension of Jesus Christ. It is easy to understand how it is good news that God’s son became a man and died on the cross for the sins of the world. Yet, is not so easy to understand the goodness of Christ’s departure from the earth. That is why the primary goal of this teaching series is to shine a light on the bible’s teaching regarding Christ’s ascension. Each episode walks through a passage of Scripture and explains why it is good news that Jesus Christ left the earth and ascended into heaven. Throughout this series, this fuller and more robust presentation of the biblical gospel will be compared and contrasted with some of the more popular and inadequate presentations of the gospel.

He Ascended - Phill Howell
  • The Gospel - E.1 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Episode 1

    After Jesus ascended and poured out the Holy Spirit on His followers Peter stepped up and preached the gospel (Acts 2:14—36). This first episode provides an overview of the biblical gospel and the biblical foundations for the rest of this teaching series.

  • A Human is in Heaven - E.2 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Episode 2

    One of the ways we can distort the gospel is when we only focus on what happens to people after they die. This episode looks at Jesus’ resurrection and ascension from 1 Corinthians 15 and argues that Christ’s ascension emphatically affirms the goodness of the material world and proclaims that the...

  • Humiliation is the Path to Exaltation - E.3 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Episode 3

    One of the earliest summaries of the gospel can be found in Philippians 2:6-11. This episode studies this passage and shows how the descent and ascent of both Jesus and Paul provides a helpful summary and pattern for every person who follows Christ. In sum, we cannot claim Christ’s victory withou...

  • What is the End of Jesus’ Journey? - E.4 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Episode 4

    Where is Jesus right now and why did He ascend into heaven? This episode examines Ephesians 4:1-16 in order to answer these two questions. This study will show how the gift of the Holy Spirit maintains the unity of the church and fills the world with the presence of Jesus. Even though Jesus’ resu...

  • What is the Way to Worship? - E.5 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Episode 5

    Since Jesus ascended into heaven, what should we be doing now? Should we also be try to “ascend” up to God? This episode looks at Hebrews 10:19-25 because this passage clearly teaches that Jesus’ ascension opened up the only way for humans to meet with God for worship.

  • Jesus is the Stairway into Heaven - E.6 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Episode 6

    This sixth episode is unique because it covers some of the Old Testament foundations of Christ’s ascension. It begins with the Tower of Babel story from Genesis 11, then moves to Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28, and then it ends with a conversation between Jesus and Nathanael found in John 1:43-51. I...

  • Why is Jesus' Departure Good News? - E.7 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Episode 7

    Would you rather have Jesus above you in heaven or beside you on earth? In John 16:5-14 Jesus explains why His ascension is good news for His disciples and the rest of the world. The big idea of this final episode is that it is better for Jesus to be above you than for Him to be beside you.