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He Ascended - Phill Howell

What is the Way to Worship? - E.5 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

Episode 5 • 20m

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  • Jesus is the Stairway into Heaven - E...

    This sixth episode is unique because it covers some of the Old Testament foundations of Christ’s ascension. It begins with the Tower of Babel story from Genesis 11, then moves to Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28, and then it ends with a conversation between Jesus and Nathanael found in John 1:43-51. I...

  • Why is Jesus' Departure Good News? - ...

    Would you rather have Jesus above you in heaven or beside you on earth? In John 16:5-14 Jesus explains why His ascension is good news for His disciples and the rest of the world. The big idea of this final episode is that it is better for Jesus to be above you than for Him to be beside you.