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Cessationist (Trailer)

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Why the Great Commission is Accomplishable - Chad Vegas - XL Ministries

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  • Cessationist (Trailer)

    Are the miraculous gifts for today?

    From speaking in tongues to attempting to raise the dead, Charismatic Christians believe they are participating in modern miracles. But are these miracles real? Are the Apostolic gifts that we see in the New Testament still in operation today? Cessationist ans...

  • Dangers of Bad Theology - E.11 - Brea...

    Matt of "Learn to Discern," sits down with Jesse to discuss the dangers of bad theology. They discuss prophecy, healing, the gospel, and leaving the faith entirely.

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  • Biblical Worldview - Alistair Begg

    With so much opposition to a biblical worldview surrounding us, how do we navigate the time in which we live with grace, kindness, mercy, and sensibility? In this message, Alistair Begg provides four words that frame our discussions about the Christian faith: the “good,” the “bad,” the “new,” and...