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Interview with Charismatic Cult Survivor: Steve Forkin - Steve Kozar

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Unfiltered Q&A - E.10 - New Age to New Heart

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  • Interview with Charismatic Cult Survi...

    Steve Forkin was deeply involved in an extremely controlling and abusive Charismatic cult. He sits down with Steve Kozar to tell his story and to testify to God's grace and the beauty of the Gospel.

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  • Exposing Greg Locke - Long for Truth

    Greg Locke is a key leader among Charismatics who are fixated on "Deliverance Ministry". Daniel Long looks at Greg's antics and associations that make it clear we need to mark and avoid him in the Church.

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  • Was This Woman Raised From the Dead? ...

    Friend of Bethel Church and Sid Roth, David Hogan, is lauded as a spiritual giant who has mastered the craft of raising the dead. Justin Peters scours the internet for proof of these miracle claims and instead he finds credible witnesses to David's pattern of lying and cult like manipulation. Hog...