Progressive Christianity

Progressive Christianity

With the belief that the Bible is man's evolving understanding of who God is, progressive Christianity arrives at another gospel.

Progressive Christianity
  • Penal Substitutionary Atonement - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    Building on our discussion of the divinity of Jesus Christ, we turn to what the bible says Christ did on the cross. What is penal substitutionary atonement? The bible teaches that Christ died as a substitute for sinners, and suffered the wrath of God they justly deserved. We point out the biblica...

  • Bart Campolo's Thoughts on "American Gospel: Christ Crucified"

    Bart Campolo was kind enough to explain his experience in being interviewed for AG2: Christ Crucified. Please pray for Bart, and that this could be used to encourage others to dialogue where there is disagreement about the gospel.

  • Debunking Progressive Attacks Against Penal Substitution - Chris Rosebrough

    Progressive Christianity is no friend of Penal Substitutionary Atonement. They flip the truth that God is love to be "Love is God". In doing this, they cancel anything in Scripture that speaks of God's wrath against sin. Progressive Christians need to be asked, "Is the Bible God's Word or not?" B...

  • How Progressives Obliterate Scripture - Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Chris Rosebrough walks through a common Bible twisting technique used by Progressive Christianity advocates. These teachers take one verse out of context and use it to nullify everything else in the Bible that they dislike. They pit Jesus against Moses, and the New Testament against the Ol...

  • American Gospel: Christ Crucified (Official Trailer)

    When Christians say, “Jesus died on the cross for your sins,” what does that mean?

    American Gospel: Christ Crucified explores the divide between conservative and progressive Christians as they debate the meaning of the cross of Jesus Christ, answering some of the Bible’s most difficult questions...

  • What is Progressive Christianity? - The White Horse Inn - #1540

    Should we think of Jesus more as a model for living than as an object of worship? Did he die on the cross for our sins, or was he just some kind of martyr? Is life in this world more important than the afterlife? According to Michael J. Kruger, the liberal, progressive, or emergent answers to the...

  • Christianity & Liberalism - The White Horse Inn - #1384

    On this program, the hosts continue their discussion begun last week on the influence of the Radical Reformation. How did the theology of the Anabaptist and Pietist movements end up influencing so many forms of Protestantism, both here in America and around the world? And more specifically, how d...

  • Is Faith a Blind Leap? - The White Horse Inn - #1370

    Why do you believe the Bible? What does it mean to “believe” in the first place? Should we think of faith as a kind of blind leap or shot in the dark? If so, why have you made this particular leap, in contrast to all the other faith options? On this program, the hosts will seek to answer these qu...

  • Is Faith Opposed to Evidence? - The White Horse Inn - #1371

    Sometimes when discussing evidence for the Christian faith, a person may respond by asking, “What room does this leave for faith?” This question actually reveals a misunderstanding of the Christian view of faith which is grounded in factual claims about the person and work of Christ as reported a...

  • American Gospel: Christ Crucified - The White Horse Inn - #1513

    On this program, Shane Rosenthal talks with writer and director Brandon Kimber about his American Gospel documentary series. His first film, American Gospel: Christ Alone, explored the problem of moralistic preaching and issues related to the prosperity gospel. His new documentary, American Gospe...

  • Do All Paths Lead to the Same God? - The White Horse Inn - #1374

    Religious pluralism seems to be the only perspective that is tolerated in today’s culture, while those who are “trapped” within the confines of a single religious outlook are dismissed as narrow and sectarian. But if you think about it, those who promote this alternative dogma that “all paths lea...

  • Addressing Popular Misconceptions of Faith - The White Horse Inn - #1373

    On this program, the hosts interact with a number of man-on-the-street interviews concerning the nature and meaning of faith. As they have discussed throughout this series, faith is often seen as a kind of leap in the dark. According to the surveys we’ll air on this program, this belief seems to ...

  • Has The Bible Been Miscopied or Mistranslated? - The White Horse Inn - #1377

    Many people today make the claim that the Bible has been revised, edited, and miscopied over the centuries, and that the translations we have with us today are not at all faithful to the original manuscripts. But is this really the case? On this program, Michael Horton discusses this important is...

  • Did Jesus Teach Justification By Faith Alone? - The White Horse Inn - #1441

    Sometimes Christians will say things like, “I’m not interested in all those heavy doctrines that Paul talks about. I’m only interested in the simple teachings of Jesus.” But did Paul reshape the Christian message, or was he actually a faithful apostle? To put the question more sharply, did Paul i...

  • Christ Alone - The White Horse Inn - #1379

    Many Christians in our day, whether liberal or evangelical, declare that there is hope of eternal life apart from explicit faith in Jesus Christ. In fact, according to one survey by George Barna, 35% of America’s evangelical seminary students agreed with the statement, “God will save all good peo...

  • LGBTQ+ Against God's Design? - Progressive vs. Conservative Christian (Part 1)

    A progressive Christian and a conservative Christian came together to see if they could discuss human sexuality with authenticity, love, and truthfulness. Can they overcome the stigma and speak to one another with understanding?

    Honest Discourse:

  • Why Have You Forsaken Me? - AG2: Christ Crucified Walkthrough (Chapter 8)

    Russell & Sean discuss double imputation, and the trinity in light of the atonement. We also feature a deleted scene from the film.

  • Cosmic Child Abuse - AG2: Christ Crucified Walkthrough (Chapter 7)

    Russell & Sean give a preview of Chapter 7: Cosmic Child Abuse. Did Jesus die on the cross as a victim of "cosmic child abuse?" What is true forgiveness?

  • Atonement History - AG2: Christ Crucified Walkthrough (Chapter 6)

    Russell & Sean respond to the historical claims against the doctrine of penal substitution, as well as how we should view the various "images" (or "theories") of the atonement.

  • Saved From God - AG2: Christ Crucified Walkthrough (Chapter 5)

    We are saved by God, for God, and from God. Many progressives have a problem with the latter- that we are saved from God Himself, and His righteous wrath toward the sinner.

  • A Balanced God - AG2: Christ Crucified Walkthrough (Chapter 4)

    Russell & Sean discuss the inerrancy of scripture, and how the rejection of that leads to a god of your own invention.

  • Love Wins - AG2: Christ Crucified Walkthrough (Chapter 3)

    Russell & Sean discuss hell & the exclusivity of Jesus Christ.

  • The Attributes of God - AG2: Christ Crucified Walkthrough (Chapter 2)

    Russell & Sean explain that how a right understanding of God's attributes of love and justice are essential to understanding the gospel.

  • Progressive Christianity - AG2: Christ Crucified Walkthrough (Chapter 1)

    Russell & Sean help explain how Progressive Christianity shares a similar foundation as atheism.