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The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity - Long for Truth

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Rob Bell: Lessons Learned from His Apostasy - Chris Rosebrough

Progressive Christianity • 1h 0m

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    Modern Progressive Christianity is a reiteration of early 20th century liberalism. Progressive "Christians" value questions over answers and treat doubt as virtuous. Open mindedness is their chief value and they believe the truth claims of Scripture cannot be taken literally. Daniel and Robin mak...

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    Many people today think that truth is unknowable or irrelevant. It's thought that individual perception of truth is all that matters. Pastor Don Green begins a series on the importance of contending for absolute truth. The truth is knowable and God has spoken clearly concerning it. We go to His w...

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    Does Scripture teach that mankind is spiritually evolving? Marcia Montenegro compares the teachings of Teilhard De Chardin, Ken Wilber, Richard Rohr, and Rob Bell on the spiritual evolution of man.