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The Ugly Truth About the Prosperity Gospel - Anchored North

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Flee From Furtick - Justin Peters

The Prosperity Gospel / Word of Faith Movement • 23m

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  • The Ugly Truth About the Prosperity G...

    In high school, Costi Hinn began to doubt everything he knew about faith, healings, and Benny Hinn Ministries. Though he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, it wasn’t enough to keep him from asking questions that caused rifts in the family.

    Why won't our family heal those in our lives who are sick? Why...

  • Todd White’s Heart Condition Proves H...

    God is once again granting Todd White an opportunity for repentance by allowing him to be afflicted with a severe heart condition. Todd recently informed his followers of the news, yet he sadly doesn’t see how this exposes his false teachings. Todd teaches that it’s always God’s will to heal and ...

  • Word of Faith - Chapter 2: Christ Alone

    The Word of Faith movement (the prosperity gospel) appeals to man's natural sinful desires by promising health, wealth, and happiness to those who come to Christ. This message of "Jesus +" is attractive, but it leaves a person unprepared for the suffering that the true gospel promises.