Truth Community Church - Don Green

Truth Community Church - Don Green

The Truth Pulpit features the dynamic Bible teaching of Don Green, founding pastor of Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Truth Community Church - Don Green
  • Confronting the Sexual Chaos - Don Green

    How can the Church respond to the cultural tidal wave of Transgenderism and Intersectionality if she can't stand on the absolute truth of Scripture in other matters. For over 50 years, a rapid downgrade has taken place in the American church. A shocking number of American congregations have succu...

  • Truth and Jesus Christ - Don Green

    What does Christ say about the truth? He boldly claimed to be the truth itself. Jesus made exclusive, undeniable claims that only God can make, and we confess that He is indeed God. Don Green continues his series on the subject of truth with a focus on the Person of Christ and His teachings.

  • In Defense of Truth - Don Green

    These days, everyone wants to live in their own truth and decades of relativism has left a mark on the Church. Don Green begins a series on the nature of truth from a Biblical worldview.
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  • Is Christianity True? - Don Green

    Pastor Don Green begins a mini series on the truthfulness of the Christian Faith. Such questions are answered such as, "Does it even matter if our faith is true?" "Is Christianity a system of mythology created by clever men?"
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  • Favorably Disposed to Us (Ephesians 1:3-14) - Pastor Don Green

    Pastor Don Green preaches on the glory of God's grace in Ephesians 1. All of God's attributes are favorably disposed toward us. He chose us. He purchased us. He adopted us. He has treated us, not as we deserve, but as Christ deserves. In Christ, we have recieved every spiritual blessing. This gra...

  • Quiet Contentment (Psalm 131) - Don Green

    Believers are not immune to getting absorbed with the concerns of this world. In this sermon, Pastor Don calls Christians out of anxious turmoil and into the quiet contentment of enjoying all that God is for His people.

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  • When Rulers Are Corrupt (Psalm 82) - Don Green

    It’s hard to pray for corrupt and wicked leaders sometimes but God’s Word is clear. He would have us pray often for our rulers no matter what we think of them. They are in power only by God’s permission. He raises up kings and puts them down. Pastor Green helps us think clearly about our earthly ...

  • The Reality of False Teachers - Don Green

    The way is hard and the gate is narrow that leads to life. Christ tells us that few will find it. This makes it really important to know that the teachers we sit under are leading us along the right path. The danger of false teaching is an ever increasing reality in this present age. The first st...

  • Our Eyes Look to Thee (Psalm 123) - Don Green

    When we pray, the important thing is not how long we pray or how intensely we voice our requests, but rather our focus should be on the Lord Himself. His character, His word, His promises. We look to Him, for He is all our hope and He will be gracious to those who wait on Him.

  • What Scripture Requires - Don Green

    No one hears God's Word and remains neutral to the truth it reveals. We must respond to the Lord and His Word leaves no middle ground where we can escape its demands. This is the final message of a three part series from Psalm 119 in which Pastor Don Green contemplates what Scripture is, what it ...

  • What Scripture Does - Don Green

    God's Word is living and powerful. The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and convicts sinners of sin and encourages saints to trust and obey the Lord. If you are a Christian, then Scripture is your daily bread and your spiritual life flourishes or starves depending on your intake of it. This is t...

  • What Scripture Is (Psalm 119) - Pastor Don Green

    What is Scripture? This sermon is the first of three messages in Psalm 119. Pastor Don Green begins with some of the adjectives that describe Scripture. It is true, faithful, and eternal. Nothing is as permanent as God's Word and nothing is more important for us to hear, believe, and act upon.

  • God So Loved the World (John 3:16) - Pastor Don Green

    It is easy to start focusing on our circumstances to gauge the love of God for us. But the first place we should look to remember how much God loves us is the cross of Jesus Christ. The atoning death of Christ is the ultimate display of God's love for sinners.

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  • Our Incomparable God (Psalm 113) - Don Green

    Does your heart eagerly join in when you hear the words “Praise the Lord”? In this sermon, Pastor Green calls us to examine ourselves and then gaze upon the Lord to be reminded why we praise Him. He is infinitely glorious in all His attributes and all His works.

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  • Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Psalm 103) - Don Green

    If you need help getting your eyes off of yourself, Pastor Don Green can help in this meditation on Psalm 103. This psalm has much to say on who God is and how He relates to guilty sinners. Stand in awe of the Lord, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness. He has not treated you as your sin...

  • Christians in a Hostile World - Don Green

    Pastor Don Green gives an introductory message on the epistle of 1 John, focusing on the purpose of the book. John wrote to help believers have assurance of their salvation in an extremely hostile world. The same pressures are with us today and the same truth from 1 John is ours to appropriate.


  • What is Moralistic Therapeutic Deism? - Don Green

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    Pastor Don Green begins a series on the spirit of the age in Western culture. Though most people haven’t heard of “moralistic therapeutic deism,” everyone will recognize the hallmarks of this philosophy after hearing it described in this opening lecture and by God’s grace will see why it’s so imp...

  • The Holy Spirit Today - Don Green

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    Pastor Don Green's in-depth study on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.

  • Don Green - The 5 Solas of the Reformation

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  • Anxious for Nothing (Philippians 46-7) - Don Green

    This message is a must listen for every Christian. Anxiety is one of the most common maladies of our fallen nature. Though we often try to justify it, Scripture clearly diagnoses it as sin. Pastor Don Green gives a firm yet pastoral call to repent of anxious living and to embrace a life of trusti...