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AG3: Spirit & Fire - Interview with Brandon Kimber - Chris Rosebrough

AG3: Spirit & Fire - Project Updates • 1h 4m

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    Costi Hinn gives an update on our final AG3 roundtable.

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    On October 20, 2021, pastor Jim Osman called Dr. Michael Brown during an episode titled, “How to Deepen Your Discernment.” This conversation lead to the upcoming roundtable discussion for "American Gospel: Spirit & Fire."

    This weekend we are recording with Michael Brown, Sam Storms, Justin Pete...

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    Does Romans 15:18-20 teach that signs and wonders are necessary to fully preach the gospel? Is the gospel powerless without signs and wonders? What is the power of God for salvation? Rick Becker, from Famine in the Land helps explain the full context of this verse, along with what the rest of Scr...