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Christ Crucified - Chapter 2: The Attributes of God

Episode 2 • 28m

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    The idea that a loving God could send people to hell for eternity is a difficult truth to grasp. This chapter examines the questions brought up by popular universalists like Rob Bell and Richard Rohr, who attempt redefine the person of Jesus Christ and the atonement in order to avoid His exclusiv...

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    Are God's attributes of love and wrath compatible? This chapter compares the progressive dualistic (either/or) view of God's attributes to the biblical non-dual (both/and) view, arguing that the God of the Old Testament does not evolve, or is not different from the God of the New Testament.

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    Does God love the sinner but hate the sin? Is the sinner separated from God in hell? How does fear play into our motivations in following Christ? How can God be just, and yet justify wicked sinners? What are we saved from?