The New Age & Christianity

The New Age & Christianity

The New Age & Christianity
  • The New Apologetics - Emilio Ramos

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    the new apologetics exist to confront the challenges facing the church in the 21st-century by responding to the emergence of globalism, futurism, transhumanism, pagan spirituality and sexuality with a robust theology that is rooted in the eschatological superstructure of Scripture and the theolog...

  • The Spiritual Evolution of Man? - Marcia Montenegro - AG Uncut

    Does Scripture teach that mankind is spiritually evolving? Marcia Montenegro compares the teachings of Teilhard De Chardin, Ken Wilber, Richard Rohr, and Rob Bell on the spiritual evolution of man.

  • Should Christians Listen to Jordan Peterson? - E.3 - Christ and Kingdom

    Many Christians listen to Jordan Peterson since much of his philosophy aligns with conservative truth... but does this mean that Christians should be listening to him? Emilio Ramos dives deeply into this topic to help Christians understand whether or not Jordan Peterson is someone they should con...

  • Doreen Virtue Interviews

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    Doreen Virtue holds a B.A. and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Chapman University, and she is currently 3/4 of the way through earning an M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary in Portland and Seattle. She is in seminary to learn how to rightly divide the Word, and to l...

  • Why I Quit the Enneagram - Jillian Lancour Testimony

    Former Enneagram teacher and pastor’s wife, Jillian Lancour describes her wake-up call that propelled her to quit and renounce the Enneagram. Marcia Montenegro from and author of “Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret” joins Doreen Virtue for this interview...

  • Itching Ears: Doreen Virtue's Testimony - Truth for Life

    Doreen Virtue spent 22 years in the New Age as a best-selling author and teacher, until the Lord used a Truth for Life sermon to pierce her heart and lead her to saving faith.

  • The Origins of the Enneagram - Marcia Montenegro

    In response to the popularity of the Enneagram in evangelicalism, Marcia Montenegro explains the New Age origins of the Enneagram and how it has infiltrated the church through Richard Rohr.

    Marcia's work can be found at Christian Answers for the New Age:

  • Tarot Card Trouble! - The Way of the Master: Home Edition - Episode 78

    Tarot cards have regained popularity, but the future is still in God’s hands.