AG Originals

AG Originals

The American Gospel films and other content created by the AGTV crew are available here. You can watch the entire films in their original form, or choose to watch them in "Chapter and Verse" format. Chapter and Verse splits the films into shorter chapters, and includes roundtable discussions, and expanded interviews which are ideal for small group study.

AG Originals
  • American Gospel - Chapter & Verse

    3 seasons

    The American Gospel films are now available to watch as individual chapters, which are ideal for small group study. We encourage you to also watch the extended roundtable discussions which provide answers to common objections, as well as biblical context for scriptures used to support gospel dist...

  • American Gospel: Christ Alone

    Is Christianity Christ + the American dream? American Gospel examines how the prosperity gospel (the Word of Faith movement) has distorted the gospel message, and how this theology is being exported abroad.

  • American Gospel: Christ Crucified

    When Christians say, “Jesus died on the cross for your sins,” what does that mean?

    American Gospel: Christ Crucified explores the divide between conservative and progressive Christians as they debate the meaning of the cross of Jesus Christ, answering some of the Bible’s most difficult questions...

  • Christ Crucified: Chapter Walkthrough - Defend & Confirm

    12 videos

    Russell Berger and Sean DeMars of the Defend & Confirm Podcast, are here to help you navigate American Gospel: Christ Crucified. This series is ideal for small group study, and can be watched before each chapter of film.

  • The Bergers: Voyage of Life

    1 season

    "The Bergers: Voyage of Life" explores how the gospel impacts a family living with suffering and terminal illness. The testimonies of Katherine and Russell Berger were featured in the American Gospel films, and their "voyage of life" continues in this series.

    To support the Berger family:

  • AG Uncut
    10 videos

    AG Uncut

    10 videos

    Uncut, extended interview footage from the American Gospel films.

  • AG Roundtables

    9 videos

    Roundtable discussions answering common questions and objections to the American Gospel films.

  • Freedom - Costi Hinn

    1 season

    Costi Hinn's Freedom series is designed to guide those who have been saved out of Word of Faith or NAR teaching, with the goal of pointing people to scripture on key topics like money, God's will, healing, being "slain in the spirit," and more.

    New episodes coming soon:
    6. “You’ve Been Redeemed...

  • Law & Gospel - Mike Abendroth

    1 season

    In this foundational series, Mike Abendroth introduces the Law and Gospel distinction, examining its importance in sanctification, preaching, assurance, evangelism, and biblical interpretation.

  • Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    1 season

    “Spiritual warfare!”

    What is it and how do we wage it? Many “experts” on spiritual warfare teach a methodology for battling demons, taking territory, and canceling curses that sounds like something you would expect to find a Harry Potter novel. Practices such as binding and rebuking Satan, canc...

  • God Doesn't Whisper - Jim Osman

    1 season

    Is God trying to speak to you through signs, impressions, promptings, nudging, or a still small voice? Has God promised to give you personal direct guidance outside Scripture? Does God need to direct us in these ways, or is Scripture completely sufficient? In this series, Jim Osman will answer th...

  • AG In Context

    2 videos

    Responses to "out of context" claims made by critics of the AG films.

  • Defend & Confirm Podcast - Russell Berger & Sean DeMars

    56 videos

    Theology. Apologetics. Dad jokes. Pastoral wisdom. Ecclesiology. Not necessarily in that order.

  • American Gospel: Christ Alone (Free - 1 Hour Version)

  • Amerikietiska Evangelija: Tik Kristus (Lithuanian) - (Free - 1 Hour Version)

    The free 1-hour version of "American Gospel: Christ Alone" featuring a Lithuanian voiceover and text translation.

  • American Gospel: Christ Crucified Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    19 videos

    Original music from American Gospel: Christ Crucified by Jared Kraft.